Have you secured your wireless router?

An important aspect of your network security is the management of users and groups that have administrative access to the local account database on stand-alone computers and domain member computers, and to the Active Directory directory service on your domain controllers. There are primarily two kinds of attackers that you should guard against:

Malicious individuals who obtain administrative-level access to member servers or domain controllers, could breach the security of your entire network. These individuals might be unauthorized users who have obtained administrative passwords, or legitimate administrators who are coerced or disgruntled.

Users who are granted administrative access. These individuals might inadvertently cause problems because they fail to understand the ramifications of configuration changes.

Unauthorized or unknowledgeable people who have administrator privileges can maliciously or accidentally damage your organization if they copy or delete confidential data, spread viruses, or disable your network. It is vitally important to properly manage the users and groups that have administrative control over the servers and domain controllers in your network.